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Voice Machine

This fun little machine lets you record your voice, add multiple effects, save your creation, and even email it to a friend!  Features include Speed, Reverse, Loop and Distort. Combine effects for tons of creative, fun and annoying uses.  Voice Machine will keep you and your friends entertained for hours! Voice Machine features:

  • Real-Time D.S.P.
  • Uncompressed 16-bit sampling
  • Proprietary metering system
  • Multiple, combinable voice effects
  • Save and Share your creations

To get started, record a short sample by pressing the REC button and speaking into the machine. Press REC again to stop, or press PLAY to immediately play back your sample.

By adjusting various parameters, you can create almost endless possibilities. Voice Machine allows you to alter your voice in a number of ways:

  • Slow it down
  • Speed it up
  • Add distortion (variable algorithms)
  • Play it backwards
  • Loop it over and over

Plus, you can combine effects to compose truly unique creations. Once you are done, you can save your creation by pressing SAVE, or you can press SEND to share your creation via email.

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Arm yourself and prepare for battle! Transform your phone into a virtual sword with Android's original and most popular sword app!

Features our exclusive RapidSlash™ technology for realistic swing response, plus user-activated sounds and a selection of swords from distant realms.

  • Unleash your pent-up rage, without the risk of messy lawsuits or incarceration!
  • Enjoy some much-needed stress relief and the benefits of high quality medieval exercise!
  • Practice swordplay indoors without destroying your home!
  • A great addition to fantasy games like D&D, EverQuest and World of Warcraft!
  • Annoy your friends, co-workers, or the guy ahead of you in line!
  • Train for the Zombie Apocalypse… because swords don't run out of bullets!

Start practicing today!

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